Now that the April 8th eclipse has come & gone….what do you do with those previously sought-after eclipse glasses?

Well, of course you can hang onto them as a keepsake! Some people have said they will be putting them in a time capsule or a keepsake box.

If you don’t want them anymore, you can recycle them. Just pop out the lenses (those are garbage) and recycle the frames with your cardboard.

However, another option is donating them to the non-profit organization Astronomers Without Borders! Not only is AWB collecting the glasses, but they will also inspect them to make sure they aren’t damaged, and will re-package them to send them to other places around the world.

There is a solar eclipse, somewhere in the world, every six months. The glasses donated this time will go to the southernmost part of Chile and Argentina, where a solar eclipse will be visible in six months. Currently the only Ontario location accepting eclipse glasses donations is the City of Cornwall Fire Services. 10 4th St W, Cornwall, ON, K6J 2R6.

But you can keep checking the AWB website here as they continue to add more donation locations!

Solar Glasses Recycling And Distribution – Astronomers Without Borders

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