In a recent update, iOS 17.4 beta has treated users to a delightful assortment of 118 new emojis, as reported by Emojipedia. Among the fresh additions are two head-shaking emojis conveying yes or no, a vibrant phoenix, a slice of lime, a whimsical mushroom, and a broken chain.

Emojipedia highlighted that the aforementioned six emojis are entirely novel concepts. Meanwhile, the rest of the emojis build upon existing characters, enriching the visual language of communication.

Expanding beyond the sextet of new concepts, iOS 17.4 beta introduces four “non-gender-specifying” family emojis, featuring various combinations such as Adult, Adult, Child, Adult, Child, Child, and Adult, Adult, Child, Child. Emojipedia noted that alongside these additions, the update also revamps the design of all existing family emojis. The once colourful aesthetic has now been replaced with a sleek white-silhouette-on-gray-background look.

Furthermore, iOS 17.4 beta showcases 108 new direction-specific people emojis. These emojis cater to diverse skin tones and genders, covering characters engaged in activities like walking, running, kneeling, using a white cane, and utilizing manual or motorized wheelchairs.

An interesting aesthetic shift awaits users as the new family emojis and updated designs are introduced. The anticipated wider release of iOS 17.4 to the public is set for this spring, promising an enhanced and diversified emoji experience for users across the Apple ecosystem.