Photo credit: Egale 

Egale and Taxi chose to visualize incidences of hatred by taking a symbol that is iconic within the community.

6,423 missing threads.
Each one representing an attack on our community.

Another hate-fuelled protest. Another bigoted post. Another threat against our right to exist.

And that’s just from the first three months of 2023 in Canada. If we included every act of violence and unreported threat, there wouldn’t be any flag left to fly.


The incidences of hate range in severity, but include everything from vandalism of Pride flags, organized protests of major events / celebrations for the community.  These incidences aren’t isolated or from one small group of individuals. In some cases, they have been systemic, such as forbidding Pride flags on township properties.

Egale is also providing shareable social assets through its campaign microsite, and encouraging Canadians to download and circulate them in support of the campaign, using the hashtag “#MyPrideWontUnravel

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