Looking to freshen up your feed? Here’s a secret to make your socials give you the best content: follow these iconic women on Instagram.

Let’s face it, it’s been a year where a little inspiration and empowerment hits different. The women highlighted in this article are champions of encouraging their followers to be ?proud? and ?strong?.

Disclaimer: There are so many incredible accounts out there, it was hard to choose… but these are some favourites to follow on the gram, (in no specific order).


Rupi Kaur @rupkaur_ – 4.5M Followers

She’s a poet and millions know it. She’s an author that has shown us what the power of words can do. She writes in a way that is beautifully inspiring. You’ll want to reshare these to your story and no one will mind when you do!

For a sprinkle of poetry in your feed, look up Kaur right now.


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Louise Pentland @louisepentland – 3.6M Followers

Mommas gotta stick together – Pentland is always sharing her “mumspiration” to make her fellow moms feel less alone. You’ll also see Pentland posting about optimism and plus size style!

When Louise pops up in your feed you’ll never regret clicking “Follow”.

Adwoa Aboah @adwoaaboah – 1.5M Followers

GURLS TALK @gurlstalk – 282K Followers

A 2-in-1 if you will…  She’s more than just one of the most stunning face’s in fashion, British fashion model and activist Adwoa Aboah founded Gurls Talk in 2017 to provide a safe space for young woman and girls to discuss anything from relationships to mental health. Aboah also created the #CreativeTogether initiative to help battle anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic. Follow these accounts to fill your feed with posts full of fashion, art and quotes.


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Nicole Monente @scribblesbynicole – 84.8K Followers

This account is a must-follow for it’s relatable yet simple posts. Nicole uses this account to post her adorable art while conveying very clear and real messages. While scrolling through this profile, you’ll go “oh no, that’s me” with a smile on your face. Her clever captions are always fun too.

For some funny self-love posts that will make you think – Nicole is your go-to.


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Jessica Meir @astro_jessica – 355K Followers

Meir is a must-mention just because – if you’re not scared of flying into outer space – you may want her job. In 2019, Meir participated in the first all female spacewalk alongside Christina Koch and well… the views she posts on IG might be are better than Drake’s.

Want to escape the planet for a minute? Check out Meir’s account.

*honourable mention to 19-yr old astronaut-trainee Alyssa Carson @nasablueberry #weloveyou


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Camila Rosa @camixvx – 67.5K Followers

Her posts will make your feed pop with the bright colourful art she posts. This illustrator/artist is pushing for diversity and female empowerment with her account, in the hopes that everyone will find themselves within her work.

Follow Rosa for posts you want to frame on your living room wall.


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Sad Girls Club @sadgirlsclub – 259K Followers

These women are creating a space & community with their organization to show up for black women & POC while providing resources to better people’s mental health. Their posts range from moving and powerful quotes to funny art reminding you to not be lonely on Valentine’s day.

We love when women support women and if you want more of it in your life – give them a follow.


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Sarah’s Day @sarahs_day – 1.2M Followers

A fun mom. A cool mom. A mom with tricks on how to eat right and keep fit. She’s got everything from a new healthy cooking app to her free workout tips and videos she posts on her feed. Posts of her toddler at the Australian beaches are pretty adorable too.

If you’re looking for someone to help inspire the health nut inside of you – Sarah’s your girl.



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Liza Koshy @lizakoshy – 20.4M Followers

Best known from Vine and YouTube, Liza’s career grew once everyone realized she’s absolutely hilarious and superb at creating online content. She recently launched a skin care and makeup line with C’est Moi that is as bright and colourful as her personality.

Her posts will make you want to be the best version of yourself or they’ll just make you laugh and who doesn’t need a good laugh these days.



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NikkieTutorials @nikkietutorials – 17.3 M Followers

If you like makeup, you’ll like Nikkie! This beauty vlogger has every trick in the book perfected. With a career that launched in 2015 after her viral video “The Power of Makeup” encouraged many to show their faces with and without makeup – Nikkie continues to inspire her millions of fans.

For the best makeup tutorials around – you’ll want these posts in your feed.


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The best part about Influencers is that there’s one out there for everyone. There are so many leaders out there and the internet is helping us find them. It’s hard not to want to chase your dreams and accomplish your goals after scrolling through a few of these accounts. Happy International Women’s Day and cheers to all the inspiring women on the web.

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