Rihanna has confirmed that she will be headlining the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show. After rumors hit that the new mom was in talks to perform, she later confirmed the news by posting a photo on Twitter of her hand holding up a football.

During an interview with Apple 1, Dr. Dre — who performed at last year’s Halftime show, gave the singer advice, saying, “Put the right people around you, and have fun.  That’s basically what it is, making sure you have the right creative people around you. She might want to look into some of the people that we used to do our show.”

He continued, “We had a good time, although it’s a lot of things and a lot of people you have to depend on. You’re talking about at least 3,000 people that you have to depend on to get this show right for 13 minutes. So it is an extreme amount of pressure, but it’s fun at the same time. When it’s done, it’s like goosebumps…”

The Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show will take place Sunday February 12th.