We’re setting Chris Love up on blind dates in an attempt to find him true love!

He goes on his THIRD and final date TODAY! Wish him luck.

About Chris:

  • He plays a mean game of cornhole
  • His top 3 food groups are: Beer, McChickens, and anything he doesn’t have to cook
  • He has an 11 year old daughter that means the world to him!
  • A v-neck and baseball cap is all he needs
  • He is an early morning riser (3am!) but it’s too make people laugh every morning

Sandra (his Queen of a co-host) will be the one filtering through the messages and choosing the blind dates for Chris!


Blind Date #3 – Studio Confession – Did Chris get a second date or NOT?!?!?



Blind Date #2 – Studio Confession – Chris REALLY likes cornhole…

Blind Date #1 – Studio Confession – How did it go?!