For this Capital Area Adventure, Ryan and his family explore East-ends Petrie Island!

If you grew up in the east end of Ottawa, then you’re probably VERY familiar with Petrie Island off of Trim Rd. It’s a known host for Canada Day festivities, Carivibe Festival, Yoga Days, and a significant Wetland in Ontario.

When it’s not being used for larger activities, still a great getaway for a few hours or even a full beach day. Ryan, Lea, and their two sons decided to check out Petrie Island because there’s so much more than the massive beach front!

Tons of space to park your car AND your bike if you decide to bike here or bike around the island. Just make sure you’re biking on actual bike paths!

So of course, beach days are great for playing in the water (on good water advisory days!) and playing in the sand

Pack up a lunch for the day and eat at the many designated picnic areas.

On to the amount of TRAILS that Petrie Island offers. There are a total of 7km of trails to explore! Some are specifically for walking, and others do allow biking.

For more info about all the trails on Petrie Island, read more about them HERE!

Be sure to check out the ‘Friends of Petrie’ learning stations. Colourful and educational displays of all the type of plants you’ll see, animals you’ll encounter, and enclosed examples of eco-systems!

It’s VERY cool whether you’re 15 or 50.

Bring your fishing gear and fish along the Basswood and Sunrise Trails, and along the causeway!



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