For this Capital Area Adventure, Sandra and Chris tried out Marked Ultimate Family Adventure Park!


On what turned out to be a beautiful and HOT day (+38 with humidex!), Sandra, her family and Chris made their way to one of the highest rated outdoor parks in Ottawa and The Valley.

While there are tons of activities to do at this park such as a batting cage, family campfires, water-gun fights, and laser combat… Sandra and Chris opted in for a friendly fire game of Paintball, along with Axe Throwing and ending off the day with an Obstacle Course.




For obvious reasons, Sandra and Chris were on opposite teams to battle out their stress on the fields. But Sandra’s son’s birthday’s were coming up, so really – this was a really nice treat for them too!

The key is to stay low and look ahead – perfect example by Sandra!

What’s really cool about this park, is the MANY, MANY fields there are to play in. It changes the whole game, every time! The first round was all a wide area with only tires as shelters, and then the second round was this incredibly narrow field with cars and barrels to defend you.

Before each round, the officials will give a quick briefing on the field and remind everyone of the rules. They ensured everyone remained safe when it came to COVID protocols, the game itself, or even when wildlife ran onto the field, they were 100% on top of it all! Big shout out to all of Marked Adventure employees who make this possible to enjoy!

The officials gave out coloured smoke bombs for added effect and surprise attacks! Which was good for one team, but not the other… Like Sandra getting hit right in the chest with NO protection. OUCH. She still looks great though!

Seriously, is this a new BOND film?


It’s as straight forward as it sounds, throwing axes! These ones are nice and light so it’s suitable even for Sandra with a bummed elbow!

This was a LOT of fun. You barely break a sweat, and get to throw axes! Highly recommend.


Even with the sun beaming down, the obstacle course received some love (mainly by Olsen, Jonny, and Zenya – they were the obstacle MVPs!)
What’s cool about the course is that it actually runs in an “S” formation in the main field, but if you go back into the forest, it can go on for another 6km!

If you’re looking for something to do this summer with friends, family, or finally meet your new co-workers in person, head to Marked Adventures and you won’t be disappointed!


Wherever you adventure this summer, do it with CAA.

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