Delaney Jane and Virginia to Vegas have officially released a quarantine-inspired music video for their hit collaboration ‘Just As Much’.

In a recent interview, Delaney spoke about the collaboration with Virginia to Vegas, “This song is about that one person you can’t get out of your head. The one who gives you the highest highs and the lowest lows. The good times are to die for but the bad times… make you wanna die. It’s no way to live or try to love someone. But this happens to so many of us, maybe only once for some, maybe several times for others. It’s confusing as hell when the passion is there but the relationship is undeniably volatile. “Just As Much” is about the push and pull between passion and futility, and trying to navigate what is actually REAL between the blurred lines of love and hate,” she shares.



When asked if any event in particular help inspire the songs writing process, Delaney reveals, “Although I can’t say this song is about one person or one experience in particular, I’ve definitely had my fair share of relationships that were more futile than they were positive. Growing up in a broken home and watching my parents navigate their way in and out of various relationships, some being pretty explosive and toxic, wasn’t the best influence for me as a young hopeless romantic.”

Delaney continues, “It took me a very long time to decipher what was right and what was absolutely intolerable in my adolescent years and early adult life. Finally, I dated a really NICE and GOOD guy which made me realize, “Wow… I can and should feel safe with my partner, always”. I will admit, I’m still trying to shake off some of the baggage I’ve carried with me through all these years, but at least I now know what people meant when they used to tell me, “You accept the love you think you deserve”. I think that’s such an important concept to hold onto, especially if, like me, you didn’t have the best parental figures to mirror healthy relationships off of.”



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Back in December, Delaney released an EP titled Somewhere Else.  Delaney says, “The EP was titled after the first single I put out this year, called ‘Somewhere Else.’  The song is about wanting to escape you reality, even if it means leaving everything you know behind.  To me, it couldn’t be more perfect to how I’ve been feeling, and how so many of us are probably feeling this year.  I wanted to share a body of work that could help people escape reality. I wanted to give them music they could dance to and feel a little lighter listening to. With so much darkness shadowed across the world right now, the least I could do was bring in a little light.  ‘Somewhere Else’ is my gift to 2020 and everyone enduring it.”

Somewhere Else includes ‘Want You Now’, ‘On Paper’, and ‘Just As Much’.  Listen below:


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