Many of the lyrics off Ariana Grande’s new album ‘Positions’ will clearly make epic captions for your latest IG post.  See below.



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???? positions (the album) is out now ????

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1.  Shut Up

  • My presence sweet and my aura bright
  • Diamonds good for my appetite
  • Guess it f*****’ just clicked one night
  • All them demons helped me see sh*t differently / So don’t be sad for me
  • How you been spending your time? (How?) / How you be using your tongue? (How?)
  • You be so worried ’bout mine (Mine) / Can’t even get yourself none
  • You know you sound so dumb
  • So maybe you should shut up, mmm / Yeah, maybe you should shut up
  • I vibrate high and my circle lit / We ain’t really with drugs and sh*t
  • Love the game so I ain’t never miss / Keep opinions muted for the hell of it / ‘Caus I like my sh*t (Mmm, yep)
  • How you been spending your time? (How?) / How you be using your tongue? (How?) / You be so worried ’bout mine (Mine) / Can’t even get yourself none



2.  34+35

  • You might think I’m crazy / The way I’ve been cravin’
  • If I put it quite plainly / Just gimme them babies
  • I’ve been drinking coffee / And I’ve been eating healthy
  • You drink it just like water (Water) / You say it tastes like candy
  • Baby, you might need a seatbelt when I ride it / I’ma leave it open like a door, come inside it
  • Even though I’m wifey, you can hit it like a side chick / Don’t need no side d***
  • Got the neighbors yellin’ “Earthquake!” / 4.5 when I make the bed shake
  • We started at midnight / Go ’til the sunrise
  • You such a dream come true / Make a b**** wanna hit snooze


3.  Motive Feat. Doja Cat

  • Tell me why I get this feeling / That you really wanna turn me on
  • Tell me why I get this feeling / That you really wanna make me yours
  • Might have to curve you if you just can’t talk straight / Say what you mean ’cause you might get it
  • You treat me like gold / Now you wanna spoil me
  • Did you want a trophy or you wanna sport me, baby? / Want me on your neck ’cause you wanted respect
  • ‘Cause you fightin’ some war, baby / Well, I had to bring the fists out, had to put a wall up
  • ‘Cause you got your candy on your arm / No need to sugarcoat a lie
  • Say what you want, I needed a real bonafide G / Can you promise me you’ll bring it all tonight?
  • ‘Cause I need you to be wise / Tell me everything that’s on your mind, come on


4. Just Like Magic

  • Good karma, my aesthetic / Keep my conscience clear, that’s why I’m so magnetic
  • Manifest it, I finessed it / Take my pen and write some love letters to Heaven
  • Just like magic / Middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it
  • Just like magic, I’m attractive / I get everything I want ’cause I attract it
  • Looking at my phone, but I’m tryna disconnect it / Read a f*****g book, I be tryna stay connected
  • Say it’s tricky at the top, gotta keep a slim ego for a thick wallet / Losing friends left and right, but I just send ’em love and light 
  • Redesign your brain, we gon’ make some new habits / Just like magic



5.  Off the Table Feat. The Weeknd

  • Will I ever love the same way again? / Will I ever love somebody like the way I did you?
  • Never thought you’d be so damn hard to replace / I swear it don’t?need?to?be this way
  • If?I can’t have?you, is love completely off the table? / Do I sit this one out and wait for the next life?
  • Am I too cold? Am I not nice? / Might not be quite yet healed already
  • I’ll wait for you / Even though it always feels like I’ll be number two
  • To someone you can’t hold anymore / If you let me in, I’m ready to give you what I couldn’t before
  • ‘Cause I got you, girl, let me help you through it / You’re trying to fill the void with a couple boys
  • I can see right through it / I can you love you harder than I did before
  • Was in a dark place back then / I was toxic, then I was toxic to someone else
  • I was haunted by the hills / I couldn’t give you my all, but I will



6.  Six Thirty

  • I know I be on some bullshit / Know I be driving you crazy
  • But I know you love how I whip it / You can only stay mad for a minute
  • So come here and give me some kisses / You know I’m very delicious
  • You know I’m very impatient / Might change my mind, so don’t keep me waiting
  • You know you be on some bulls**t / Act so possessive and crazy
  • But I know that’s just ‘caus? you love me / And you ain’t scared to show m? your ugly
  • And maybe that’s just how it’s supposed to be / I’m the release, you the dopamine
  • What you gon’ do when I’m bored / And I wanna play video games at 2 AM?
  • What if I need a friend? Will you ride ’til the end?/ Am I enough to keep your love? / When I’m old and stuff, will you still have a crush?



7.  Safety Net Feat. Ty Dolla $ign

  • Baby, ’cause you know I’m coming back / You’re making me forget my past
  • I came to peace with my path / Now you got me off track
  • I’ve never been this scared before / Feelings I just can’t ignore
  • Tripping, falling, with no safety net / Boy, it must be something that you said
  • Is it real this time or is it in my head? / Got me tripping, falling, with no safety net
  • You know we hit that jewelry stor? and we gon’ ball out / Ups and downs, we had some fallouts
  • Put some ice on you, girl, let it thaw out / Girl, you’re mine, it’s safe to say
  • Every time you feel some way, feel a way / Never let me run away


  • Said I’ma give you some instructions / That you can’t be scared to try
  • I want you to touch it softly / Like the way you do my mind
  • It got body and it’s smooth to touch / The same way as my skin
  • To run your hands through my hair / Baby, ’cause that’s why it’s there
  • It’s been way long overdue / Just like these inches down my back
  • Spend my dimes and spend my time / To keep it real, sometimes it’s tracks
  • Know this ain’t usually m? / But I might let it down for ya



9.  Nasty

  • No more playin’ safe, let’s take it all the way / I’m just sayin’
  • I just wanna make time for ya / Swear it’s just right for ya
  • Like this ***** designed for ya / Ten outta five on ya
  • Know I would sign on the line for ya / Bet I look nice on you / Open my mind for ya
  • Promise I’ma give it to you like you never had it / I do it so good, it’s gon’ be hard to break the habit
  • You’re like a whole constellation / Swimming like you on vacation / Promise I’m still gonna love you when you wake up in the AM
  • Boy, you know the vibes, I don’t waste no time / Take what’s on your mind, make it real life
  • Get all the homies to bounce / Switch from the bed to the couch
  • So much conversation, words so sweet / Been so well-behaved, but, boy, I’m weak
  • Yeah, my body’s gotta say something to you / That’s one way to tell I speak the truth



10. West Side

  • I don’t wanna think too much / I just wanna feel
  • You know that it ain’t no rush / Let me keep it real
  • I’m gonna make you want more  / I’m gonna be your new favorite / Tell ’em you closing the door / I am the only for sure
  • I don’t want it if it ain’t your touch / It’s better every time we chill
  • You ain’t gotta bring no stuff / We got all we need right here
  • Show up, now if you’re down to roll up / Meet me on the west side for me


11.  Love Language

  • I know you’re probably thinkin’ what’s the use / I promise it’s the little things that you do
  • You soothe me / You hold it down with every word you speak / Been a minute since I had something so sweetIf you’re gonna keep speaking my love language /You can talk your s**t all night
  • You the medication when I’m feeling anxious / That’s the kind of shit I like
  • Teach me how to love you / I’m unlearning what ain’t right
  • I want you to keep speaking my love language / Baby, talk your s**t all night
  • Why would I double back or do the same thing twice? / A question, something that I can’t deny / Leav? my baggage at the door, I’ll claim you mine
  • Baby, pardon my French, but could you speak in tongues? / Never lost in translation ’cause you know what I want
  • Treat it just like Givenchy, it’s expensive to taste / Ain’t no need to remind ya, it’s AG in your face
  • Head over my shoes like woah / Know you like an inside joke
  • Running ’cause you’re just my speed / ‘Less you want it in slo-mo
  • I’m not what you had before / Your ex-girlfriend don’t want no smoke
  • I ain’t tryna sign no lease / I’m just gon’ make you my home



12.  Positions

  • Heaven sent you to me / I’m just hopin’ I don’t repeat history
  • Boy, I’m tryna meet your mama on a Sunday / Then make a lotta love on a Monday
  • ’Cause I’ll be switchin’ them positions for you
  • Cookin’ in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom / I’m in the Olympics, way I’m jumpin’ through hoops
  • Know my love infinite, nothin’ I wouldn’t do / That I won’t do, switchin’ for you
  • But I get tired of runnin’, f**k it / Now, I’m runnin’ with you
  • This some shit that I usually don’t do / But for you, I kinda, kinda want to


13.  Obvious

  • I love the taste of you in the morning / Keep me warm and nothin’ else, nothin’ more?important
  • I love the thought?of us in the evening / Crave the feeling / The way you feel, somethin’ ’bout it’s healing /
  • Others that I’ve had had to impress me before / But I knew you were the real thing when you walked through the door
  • Maybe if I’m lucky, you might stay the afternoon / If you gotta work, just promise me you’ll come back soon / Maybe you should pack a suitcase too
  • I love the thought of you never leavin’ / Days repeatin’ / Gettin’ steps up on the treadmill while you sleepin’
  • Never thought I’d believe in love again



14. POV

  • It’s like you got superpowers / Turn my minutes into hours
  • You got more than 20/20, babe / Made of glass, the way you see through me
    You know me better than I do / Can’t seem to keep nothing from you
  • How you touch my soul from the outside / Permeate my ego and my pride
  • I wanna love me / The way that you love me
  • For all of my pretty and all of my ugly too / I’d love to see me from your point of view
  • I’m getting used to receiving / Still getting good at not leaving
  • You love my lips ’cause they say the things we’ve always been afraid of / I can feel it startin’ to subside / Learnin’ to believe in what is mine

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