When Pickering meets Stratford, Ontario! Here’s the question – could a Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber collaboration be on the way?


While on a virtual call with the Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp radio show this week, Shawn was asked if whether or not he turned down the chance to work with Justin, “If I turned one down, that would be insane, considering he’s been one of my favorite artists since I was like nine years old.  I cannot confirm or deny,” Shawn added with a smile.


Shawn then added, “In the last six months, we’ve definitely become a lot closer.  It’s really cool to have him as a mentor in a lot of ways, just to kind of talk through stuff with, because there’s not many people who do this type of stuff.”


RumoUrs about a possible collaboration first began in July when Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, posted videos of JB, Shawn and Tori Kelly jamming around a piano.


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I miss the random jam sessions. #tbt #blessedtowitness

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During a playful exchange last April, Justin challenged the Pickering native to a game of hockey, “Hmm Gonna have to break a few more records to dethrone my title there bud (canadian voice) … but if you want we can play hockey for it but I heard you’re a real bender on the ice we could just drop the buckets and tilt for it.”  Shawn then responded, “LOL any time any day you just let me know!!!!!!”


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And here’s what Shawn had to say about being apart from Camila this summer.


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