While Taylor Swift’s new album, Folklore, continues to dominate the Billboard Album Chart, the songstress released a fourth chapter, which is part of the Folklore collection titled, Yeah I Showed Up at Your Party. 





Taylor’s new collection features a fan-favourite track, Betty, which she performed live at the 2020 ACM Awards.




The collection also includes ‘the 1,’ ‘mirrorball,’ ‘the last great american dynasty,’ ‘invisible string,’ and the album’s lead track, ‘cardigan.’




As Billboard notes, “Featuring six songs from Folklore’s 16-song track list, each chapter is organized around a different theme or idea from Swift’s point of view as a songwriter.”



Back in August, Taylor released her first chapter, The Escapism Chapter, which was to celebrate the release of Taylor’s bonus track, ‘The Lakes’ (found on the deluxe version of Folklore).  Soon after, Taylor dropped The Sleepless Nights Chapter, and The Saltbox House Chapter.  Listen to all three chapters below.



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