Dua Lipa stepped into the spotlight Monday night, as she guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live!



According to her opening monologue, Dua says Jimmy tricked her into the hosting gig after she and his wife ‘pranked him’ with her song, ‘Electricity,’ “Jimmy tricked me into hosting his show from a creepy, empty house.  Good one, Jim.”  Watch below.




Later in the show, Gwen Stefani made an appearance and together with Dua, they talked about their upcoming remix collaboration of ‘Physical.’  Both the single and a music video will drop on August 28.


Check out this super-cute exchange between the singers – Dua shared, “I did learn to spell ‘bananas’ because of you,” Gwen then responded, “I feel honoured to have been a spelling teacher for many people around the world.  But what’s weird about it is, I’m actually a very bad speller, so I feel like it was God’s gift to me to gift to others.”



Gwen, along with Madonna, Missy Elliott, Mark Ronson and many more will appear on Dua’s upcoming remix album, ‘Club Future Nostalgia,’ available on August 21.



Below are some photos Dua posted onto her Instagram page, in between her hosting duties.



Below is a snippet from Dua’s remix of ‘Levitating,’ which features Madonna and Missy.


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