Masks are on sale TODAY and TOMORROW! with proceeds to CHEO Foundation.


Hey Ottawa! We LOVED seeing all of your submissions for our “Design a Mask for Ottawa” contest and received over 100 entries!


Everyone is talking about them…and thankfully…. (mostly) everyone is wearing them! TODAY AND TOMORROW, you can BUY a mask and support the CHEO Foundation.


Listen to Sandra and Chris calling the winner: 


Masks are available NOW!


$15/mask if you pick up from one of our community pick up locations
** This is your fastest option to get the mask! **

or…. $20/mask mailed to your house (and more $$$ going to CHEO!!)
NOTE: Canada Post is very #Busy so it could take 3-4 weeks for your mask to arrive!

There is also a FAMILY BUNDLE where you get 2 of each mask design!

+ taxes



(Designed by Keatyn D. 11 years old)











  • Can I get the CHEO kids mask in an adult size?
    Unfortunately NO. As this is a fundraiser we want to raise the most amount of money for CHEO and that means limiting the # of variables. 


  • I would like to do the IN PERSON PICK UP? Where will the pick up locations be and when can I do that?
    Picking up in person is your option to get the mask as quick as possible. Depending on how many masks we sell will determine where the pick up locations will be. It’s our goal to have a pick up location in each end of the city for approx 2 hours. Then masks will be avail for pick up from the radio station on certain days as well.  


  • If I choose the SHIP TO MY HOUSE OPTION… when will I get it?
    KiSS staff will be shipping out the masks in approx 1 week and then it can TAKE up to 4 weeks for Canada Post to deliver (yes even in town it can take that long.) Thank you for your patience. If you want your ask ASAP, we recommend the IN PERSON pick up option! A portion of the shipping costs will also be donated to CHEO.


  • Are there certain sizes? I have a large head.. Will they fit me?
    These masks are available in two sizes. Kids (with the bear design) and Adults (with the ottawa skyline design). The masks are a one size fits all. If they don’t fit pass it on. Afterall, this is a fundraiser for CHEO