This sounds amazing! As part of her virtual ‘Priceless Experiences at Home’ concert series and in collaboration with Mastercard, Camila Cabello performed a ‘Romance’ mash up, which was accompanied by a piano.  Camila belted out the lyrics to Liar, Senorita and My Oh My.



Throughout the earlier stages of the pandemic, Camila revealed in May that she was working on a virtual jam session for her fans.  The first part dropped on May 27 and the second was scheduled to air on June 3 however, that got postponed.  According to a press release from MasterCard, it states, “The intimate, acoustic Cabello shows featuring new versions of her biggest tracks are part of the company’s ongoing global Digital Priceless Experiences series, which create unique at-home experiences during a time when we are unable to enjoy them in person. “


In the promo video, Camila sings a medley which includes ‘Should’ve Said It and ‘Havana.’  Camila writes, “It was fun for me to do this because usually I do like three takes at the last chorus of a song when I’m writing and then we comp the best ad libs of each take and put them together, but this was all one take so it was just whatever came out on the spot, here is a little part of the concert.”





Watch the full performance below.


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