This Friday (July 10) all KiSS announcers will be wearing masks while they work on the radio and have conversations about masks.

This is our new reality for gosh knows how long so instead of fighting the masks… let’s embrace them.  Buy that beautiful mask you saw on insta. Learn to make masks with your kids. Support a local crafter making them. Proudly wear that mask. It’s time to #MaskOnOttawa.


Join The Conversation #MaskOnOttawa

As of July 7, 2020, it is now MANDATORY in Ottawa to wear a mask in indoor public spaces.



If you are using any of the below facilities, you are REQUIRED to wear a mask (cloth, bandana, non-medical mask, medical mask, or scarf):

  • Restaurants
  • Retailers and malls
  • Places of worship
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Recreational and cultural facilities such as museums and indoor sports arenas
  • Common spaces in hotels
  • Private transportation such as taxis



“This is mind control, I don’t buy it…”
Uhh… not sure where you’re getting that from but wearing a mask DOES *help* (not cure) reduce the spread of HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS diseases, along with washing your hands thoroughly and often and social distancing. If you truly think this is mind control, maybe you should stay home and wait until this is all over. Otherwise, it doesn’t hurt to jump on board.


If Galen Rupp can RUN a race WITH ASTHMA and wear a mask…. there’s no excuse for you!

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Pollen mask!

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A mask helps by: 

  • trapping the virus within you, whether you show symptoms or not – it’s stopping from spreading to others.
  • reduces the spread of respiratory droplets, i.e sneezing, or coughing (which also can linger in the air for a few hours).
  • helps prevent YOU from catching it from someone else who may be infected.
  • helps you from spreading it to someone who may be immune-compromised.

Look, along with COVID-19, there is always the flu or strep throat or other viruses going around at all times, so wearing a mask helps everyone out in general against other types of viruses.

Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s when it comes to wearing Masks:


DO wear your mask properly, covering your NOSE & MOUTH (seriously, stop just covering ONLY your mouth – that’s not how it works!)

DO keep tipping your delivery driver even if there is 0 contact – they need tips!

DO wash your masks CONSISTENTLY.

DO understand this is a work in progress and new facts will always be surfacing. Seriously, have you been through a pandemic before? THIS IS NEW TO 99% of the world so stop complaining about being told different things all the time.


DON’T be rude to any and all workers such as cashiers, those in retail, waiters, and…basically any service you need!

DON’T throw a fit in public about wearing a mask KAREN. WE ALL HAVE TO. If you don’t like it, order online to your house and stay home!

DON’T purposely cough on workers or grocery store food. Like… why would you do that??

DON’T share masks… please…don’t do that.

DON’T wear a mask if it’ll SIGNIFICANTLY worsen any pre-existing health conditions. Again, online shopping is your friend right now!


Going out? Wear a mask.
Don’t want to wear a mask? Don’t go out. Ta-Da!

and don’t forget to KEEP WASHING/SANITIZING YOUR HANDS and social distancing! 


If Deadmau5 can wear this GIANT helmet, in a sweaty room full of thousands of people for hours… YOU CAN WEAR A MASK FOR 20 MINUTES.

SO… wear the dang mask, stop complaining, be nice to everyone you meet, and don’t lose hope!