Are you a small business owner?

The Chatter that Matters podcast and it’s new series Small Business Matters presented by RBC is here to help you navigate your way through the ever changing landscape of today’s economy.

Chatter that Matters is a podcast created and hosted by Tony Chapman. The podcast cuts through the chaos and clutter to focus on what matters most to you, your livelihood, your community and your planet. Each CTM episode begins with an essential question followed by a quest to identify the insights and ideas that you get to where you need to go.

This week, Francois Theriault receives advice on how to reposition Surmesur to compete in a post COVID economy.

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Jeanne Beker, one of the world’s leading fashion authorities, Sabrina Geremia, Head of Google Canada, and Lolita Guerrera, VP of RBC Retail, are the experts in this episode.  They offer powerful advice to co-founder Francois Theriault on how to reposition Surmesur, an innovative, personality led tech-enabled made-to-measure men’s wear retail chain, to compete in a post COVID economy. Two of their ideas Francois acts upon immediately, a testament to the power of bringing entrepreneurs together with thought leaders to chart a profitable path forward.

Francois and his brother Vincent understand customer service better than most. Instead of selling a made to measure suit, they train their staff to sell into a moment that someone wants to own. Walking down the aisle, presenting in a boardroom, looking sharp for that first date. They combine this insight, with a personality led shopping experience, and state of the art technology. The result is fabulous, fitted, and affordable made to measure fashion for men and a loyal customer base. Their skills as entrepreneurs lead them from one store in Quebec City to expansion across Canada and into the United States and Mexico. Then COVID-19 hits.

Weddings are cancelled, presentations are now done from the neck up over Zoom, and stores are closed. In classic entrepreneurial fashion, the Theriault brothers start selling masks to generate much-needed cash flow to invest in the reinvention of their business.

Small Business Matters series, presented by RBC.