One of the biggest kick offs to Summer in Ottawa is the Italian Festival!

The patio’s get ready, the ferrari’s, lambo’s and other italian made cars are parked along Preston Street for the weekend, the gelato tastes better, and the people are full of excitement to celebrate Italian heritage.

As naturally social people, Italian’s are hurting not being able to celebrate this year the same way as every other, BUT don’t let that stop you from supporting and celebrating (from the comfort of your home) Italian Week in Ottawa in other ways listed below!

  1. Whether it’s the iconic Virtual Opening Ceremony or watching the GODFATHER, Be sure to sign up for events HERE to experience a well rounded Italian experience
  2. Show off your Italian Pride with swag!

  3. See a social media post from us? We’d ‘amoré’ if you shared it!

  4. Share the events with your friends and familia!  After all, Italians are all about bringing people together and enjoying everyone’s company. Attend events the Italian way….virtually!
  5. Capture all your memories and share your photos and videos you celebrating Italian Week using the hashtag #SonoItaliano and tag @KiSSOttawa and @ItalianWeekItalian

Nobody does staying at home better than the Italians. Happy Italian Week!