Are you a small business owner?

The Chatter that Matters podcast and it’s new series Small Business Matters presented by RBC is here to help you navigate your way through the ever changing landscape of today’s economy.

Chatter that Matters is a podcast created and hosted by Tony Chapman. The podcast cuts through the chaos and clutter to focus on what matters most to you, your livelihood, your community and your planet. Each CTM episode begins with an essential question followed by a quest to identify the insights and ideas that you get to where you need to go.

This week, Jennifer Menard of @StaffShop needs to pivot her business as the impact of Covid 19 cancels events across North America and the Caribbean. 

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Jennifer Menard’s life has been about reinvention, regardless of her circumstance. She openly shares her life story growing up in a broken home, but perseveres to become a successful entrepreneur. She found her path through a mentor who employed her and then subsequently encouraged her to buy the business she helped build.  She rebrands, brings in a partner and Staff Shop is now staffing events across North America and even the Caribbean. Her business is guided by purpose and all is promising until COVID-19 cancels every event.  

Listen to how Jennifer responds by pivoting her business and earns the admiration and advice from Stephen Shaw who has produced for the Rolling Stones and Oprah Winfrey; Joe Jackman who has helped some of the words largest brands pivot and Kiruba Sankar, Global Leader, Global Procurement – Corporate Social Responsibility, RBC.

Small Business Matters series, presented by RBC.