Happy 4th Birthday, Dangerous Woman!



Ariana Grande celebrates the 4th anniversary of her third studio album, Dangerous Woman!Β  The album includes some of Ariana’s biggest hits like, ‘Into You,’ ‘Be Alright,’ ‘Side to Side’ with Nicki Minaj, ‘Everyday’ with Future and the lead track, ‘Dangerous Woman.’



Fun fact about the album – it was supposed to be titled, ‘Moonlight.’Β  During an interview in the UK, Ariana revealed, “I’m excited for the next couple of months to not only finish ‘Moonlight’ but to have actual undivided time where I can really just focus on the music.”Β  Months later, Ariana told Jimmy Kimmel, “A really long time ago I was convinced that it was going to be called ‘Moonlight’ because it’s one of my favourite songs that we did for the album.Β  And now, as we’re wrapping things up, of course I’ve been writing and singing, we’re at the final stretch … now there’s this other song that has thrown me for a whirlwind and I love it so much, it’s changed everything.”



When Ariana was asked by a Twitter fan account, to name her top 3 from ‘Dangerous Woman,’ Ariana responded, “I’m gonna say, ‘Be Alright, ‘Dangerous Woman’ and ‘Let Me Love You.’




On May 22, 2017 while in England, a terrorist attack cause 22 deaths and more than 500 injuries inside Manchester Arena where Ariana was performing.Β  On June 4, Ariana organized One Love Manchester, a benefit concert that helped the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.Β  Within 12 hours following the concert, British Red Cross received more than $10 million in donations.


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Check out the complete Dangerous Woman track list below.


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