Due to the worldwide pandemic, Taylor Swift had to postpone her ‘Lover Fest’ and so, in true Taylor fashion, she did something special for her fans – she brought the concert to them!



The concert special was filmed back in September inside Paris’ L’Olympia Theater.  Taylor held an intimate performance in front of fans from all over the world, which happened weeks after releasing her Lover album.  Along with the performances, Taylor gives fans some insight on the making of Lover, “A lot of these songs on this album that just came out, I’ve never played live before!” 


From ‘The Man’ to ‘Lover,’ check out Taylor’s performances from The City of Lover concert special below.






Before performing ‘Cornelia Street,’ Taylor told her fans, “I think I actually wrote this song… when I was in the bathtub! This is definitely one of those nostalgic ones.”






Love is so many things — love is chaos, love is madness, love is joy. Love is, in my opinion, equality.  Anyone who disagrees with that last part? They need to calm down,” Taylor tells the Paris crowd before performing ‘You Need to Calm Down.’



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