Talk about being creative during the pandemic – the creators behind the @selenagomez.doll Instagram account, recreated Selena Gomez’s Boyfriend music video – with the video made entirely with dolls!  According to Grace, whose name is on the Selena doll account, she shared on Instagram, “I’ve been a hard-core selenator since 2012 and I’ve been making stop motions on YouTube and pictures on this account for almost 6 years.”


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I cannot believe that Selena actually followed me!!?? i woke up and saw a message that said selena followed me and i was so confused.. i can’t believe it was actually true!!! i can’t believe my idol actually followed me!! i’m still shaking, this was so unexpected!! i’ve been a hardcore selenator since 2012 and i’ve been making stop motions on youtube and pictures on this account for almost 6 years, never did i think that selena would actually follow me!! i’m so happy right now ahhhhhhhhhh!!! this honestly feels like a dream come true!! i don’t even know if i’m making sense anymore lmao thank you to everyone who messaged me today, it means a lot???? please remember to keep socially distancing and to keep washing your hands!!

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From the dinner date to driving through Hollywood Hills, everything about this video is on point!



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