Announcing the news earlier this week, Doja Cat recruits Nicki Minaj for the ‘Say So Remix.’


You can find the original version of Say So off Doja’s latest album, Hot Pink.  This is Nicki Minaj’s most recent single, since dropped ‘Yikes’ back in February and ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ along with Megan Thee Stallion and Ty Dolla $ign, which was released last year.



In addition, Doja had to postpone her Hot Pink Tour due to COVID-19.  Check out her statement that she posted back in March on her Instagram page.



In the sassy new remix, Nicki lands herself two verses – check them out below.


[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Every time I take a break, the game be so boring
Pretty like Naomi, Cassie, plus Lauren
Spittin’ like Weezy, Foxy, plus Lauryn
Ball like the Rams, see, now that’s Gordon
They don’t understand the bag talk, I’m foreign
When they think they top the queen, they start fallin’
Word to my ass-shots, I’m so cheeky
Got ’em tryna palm my ass like young Keke
Yes, I’m ghetto, word to Geppetto
Plus I’m little, where’s my stiletto?
Tell Mike Jordan send me my Retros
Used to be bi, but now I’m just hetero
Ain’t talkin’ medicine, but I made him more a fiend
Ever since I put the cookie on quarantine
He know this thing A1 like a felony
All he gotta do is say the word like a spelling bee


[Outro: Nicki Minaj]

You coulda said so
Boy, you shoulda said so
Say so, say so
I got dressed just to sit in the house
People with the least always doin’ the most
I’m countin’ money while he suckin’ my toes
Real nasty with them balls, all net, yeah, I’m gross
Why you talkin’ ’bout who body fake?
With all them fillers in your face, you just full of hate
That real ass ain’t keep your ***** home
Now you lookin’ silly, that’s word to silicone



And if you’re looking for Say So swag, check out the merch that’s now available online.


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