German DJ and producer, Topic, is this month’s ‘One To Watch’ artist.  He’s back with a new, amazing collaboration alongside A7S called, ‘Breaking Me,’ a track both artists describe as, “a meeting point between heartbreak and zestful beats.”



During an interview with OneEDM, Topic was asked a few questions about his new collaboration, ‘Breaking Me.’


OE: How was it like working with Swedish producer A7S while producing your latest track, “Breaking Me”?

TOPIC: “A7S is actually a singer! It is always fun to work with Swedes on dance music. Somehow they got it in their genes haha.”



OE: What is the background of the “Breaking Me” track?

TOPIC: “‘Breaking Me'” is about a situation in a relationship with a certain dependency, in which one always gives a little more and “breaks” because of that. When writing a song, you sit together as a group and everyone talks about what currently goes on in their lives and what moves them. These topics are processed in songs. However, a song itself is not always about a certain situation that has been experienced by yourself – but an emotion that many might know and could empathize with.



OE: What were your favourite moments while producing “Breaking Me”?

TOPIC: “After the first songwriting session in Berlin, we didn’t work on the track for almost 2 months because we got stuck until we decided to work on it during a songwriting trip in Miami. The best moment has to be when we got into the car after finishing the song, turned up the volume and everyone instantly loved the track! I always do it this way: when I think a track is finished, I listen to it loudly while driving. It has to be “car-approved”. I think everyone can relate to this feeling, when you just love a tune and drive around, while losing yourself in it.”


Topic also posted a video onto his Instagram page, talking about the making of ‘Breaking Me.’


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And check out the acoustic version of ‘Breaking Me’ below.


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