One of Germany’s most talented House DJs, Topic, is May’s ‘One To Watch’ artist!


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Tobias Topic, better known to his fans as Topic, began producing music at the age of 16 with guidance from a teacher.  Shortly after, with the assistance of YouTube, he began his musical career on social media.  By 2014, Topic released his first single, a house jam titled ‘Light It Up,’ which reached more than one million views on YouTube.




In the summer of 2015, Topic dropped his debut album, Miles and by January of 2016, released another record, only this time, it was a collaboration featuring singer Nico Santos called ‘Home.’



To get to know Topic a bit better, in an interview with OneEDM, he opens up about his career beginnings and his favourite DJs.


OE: How did you get into DJing? 

TOPIC: “I owe it to my former music teacher that I became a DJ at all. At school, we had to choose between art and music. I did not find school to be particularly exciting in general and when it came to deciding between art and music, I was neither enthusiastic about one nor the other. I only chose music class because I knew that the music teacher was ahead of time and I knew he had planned a project where we could use music programs on computers. As I was young of course, I was drawn to media. That was it! I got stuck on that and also started producing at home.  For a while I only produced for others and tried out all sorts of genres: hip hop, house, dance, pop etc.  I experimented a lot and started producing something for myself – just for fun at first. This resulted in the single “Light it Up” with Jona Selle and I was blown away by the positive feedback. I didn’t even think about being a DJ and performing then. However, the demand grew with each single. And now I´m here! I love music and being a DJ. I find it exciting that every performance is different in it’s very own way. You get to travel and meet various people with different vibes to which you have to react.”


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OE: Who were your favorite DJs before you started your music career?

TOPIC: “Swedish House Mafia, Avicii & Deadmau5 had the most influence!”


OE: In your opinion, how do you describe your own musical style?

TOPIC: “Dance music with emotional/melancholic influences. I like to call it “melancholic dance music”. Songs which bring up various kinds of emotion but at the same time you just can’t stop your body from moving.”


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When Topic was asked about releasing future albums, he explained, “I’ve got so many unreleased tracks on my laptop that I could probably put out 20 albums. In the past few years, I was kinda experimenting and have challenged myself a lot to define my own style. The songs I recently produced and which I am currently working on have a common thread and a consistent line. So I now have the feeling that an album could possibly result from this.”


Since 2016, Topic has released three more singles – ‘Break My Habits,’ ‘Perfect’ alongside Ally Brooke and his latest, ‘Breaking Me’ with A7S.



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