After hearing Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas’ quarantine confessions, guaranteed, it’ll make you love them even more!




The Jonas Brothers joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show: Home Edition and all four played a round of ‘Quarantine Confessions.’  Jimmy begins, “Before the show, we all submitted one or two confessions of embarrassing things we’ve done during quarantine, and I have them in this jar.  I’m going to read them one at a time and we’ll try to figure out who wrote it.  If it’s your confession, you have to bluff and make us think it’s someone else.”


The first confession Jimmy pulls from the jar, “I talk to my dog like it’s a real person.”  While Nick points at Joe, Kevin says it’s Nick.  Keep in mind – Nick and Priyanka recently got themselves a new dog, Gino the German and so did Joe! So, who talks to their dog? It’s Nick! “I think it’s totally normal, and everyone should talk to their dogs to feel comfortable,” he says.




Next confession – Jimmy reads, “My biggest decision each day is if I’m wearing sweatpants or jeans.” While both Nick and Joe point to Kevin, Kevin points to Nick.  If you guessed Nick – you’re right!


Third confession – “I forgot to wear pants to my first Zoom meeting of the day.”  Both Jimmy and Joe confession it’s not them but Nick says it’s older brother Kevin.  It looks like KEVIN forgot to wear his pants!



Confession No.4 – “I secretly love watching ’90 Day Fiancé’ over my wife’s shoulder.”  Nick and Kevin both agreed it was Joe and reveal Sophie Turner is obsessed with reality TV – and it was Joe!


And Jimmy confesses he ate a pint of ice cream in his sleep.



And check out their interview part of the show where Kevin’s daughters totally stole the show.


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