Are you a small business owner?

The Chatter that Matters podcast and it’s new series Small Business Matters presented by RBC is here to help you navigate your way through the ever changing landscape of today’s economy.

Chatter that Matters is a podcast created and hosted by Tony Chapman. The podcast cuts through the chaos and clutter to focus on what matters most to you, your livelihood, your community and your planet. Each CTM episode begins with an essential question followed by a quest to identify the insights and ideas that you get to where you need to go.

This week’s episode featuring Lisa Taylor is available on April 27th.  Check it out and find past episodes here.

Lisa Taylor leads a team of a hundred people when she uncovers an insight that would change her course in life, and possibly the future of the Canadian economy. Many people were satis- fied at work, but not fulfilled. Even successful people in their mid-career strides described their situation as “hanging in and hanging on”.

Lisa left the security of a great job to launch the Challenge Factory ( ), a research-based, process-driven consultancy. Their mission is to help companies create pro- ductive cultures where people work with a higher purpose.

She moves from the uncertainty of a startup to the complexities of leading a growing business, only to have today’s economic uncertainty, turn her business upside down.

Calling upon our experts to help her navigate through these times, they come back with in- sights on branding, positioning, and building a more robust social presence that she, and you can apply, to grow any brand or business.

Small Business Matters series, presented by RBC.