The ‘One World: Together at Home’ happened on Saturday (April 18) and it included a massive amount of celebrities – from Lady Gaga to Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes and Kesha, who performed Rainbow, the title track off her third album.




Broadcasting live from her living room, she says, “It’s Kesha from quarantine day 500.  I miss my fans and people so much.  I miss giving my fans hugs.  I know that there’s so many people working and not sleeping and sacrificing so much to help figure this out for everyone and I just think the vulnerability of us all as human beings right now is really showing a really beautiful side to humanity.”  Kesha continues, “I’m going to do the main thing I know how to do, which is play some music and hopefully this will just brighten your day, maybe just a little bit.  That’s my goal.”


And just a few days ago, Kesha appeared on an episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition.  Watch below.


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