Charlie Puth blessed our ears twice during ‘One World: Together at Home’ singing ‘Attention’ and  ‘See You Again’ during the digital stream.

Minutes before performing, Charlie said, “Now we need to do out part and stay home and just make the best of it. This is a bit of a good way to think about it, this is the first time really in a very long time where the whole world’s had a common goal and it’s to beat this virus and we will.  Just make sure if you see a fire truck, give two honks.  If in your car with your face mask, thank everyone working many hours for their hard work.”



What everyone was talking about online though, had more to do with someone forgetting to make his bed before hopping on a global live stream * cough CHARLIE cough * 

The internet went wild as fans posted pictures and memes of Charlie’s bed all over social media, but don’t worry, Charlie was a good sport about it…



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