Dua Lipa is the latest guest on The Tonight Show (Home Edition).  Dua perform her new single, Break My Heart, and explained why she chose not to delay her new album.





“It was another thing that showed me the music had to be out because I was feeling a little bit conflicted.  I was like, ‘I’m not sure if I want to put the music out this time. A lot of people are suffering. I just don’t know if it feels right.’ But then I also thought about the fact that I made this record to get away from many anxieties and pressures of making a second album and not [having] to think about that. And then I was like, ‘Maybe this record could give people a moment to get away from everything and maybe give them some comfort,'” Dua shares with Jimmy.




Although Dua is currently self-isolating in her London home, that didn’t stop her from performing on The Tonight Show, where she used an image background, filter and virtual dancers.  And Dua is certainty not alone during the pandemic, her boyfriend Anwar Hadid has been keeping her company.  Check out the photos below.




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