Taylor Swift took over SiriusXM’s Hits 1 on Friday, and revealed the ways she’s been staying in touch with family and friends, and how she’s spending her time during this self-isolation period.

“During this time, I know that a lot of my friends and I have been doing a sort of weekly family FaceTime, which is always hilarious. I think it’s really important that we all stay connected because, you know, isolation doesn’t have to be an all-encompassing thing. You know, we may be all isolated physically, but we can still keep in touch with people, we can still play games with our friends and families on our phones –that is one of the great things about modern technology. So I hope you guys are doing a lot of self-care in terms of staying connected to the people that remind you of home even if the situation is strange and really confusing at this moment,” shares Taylor.



Taylor even dished on what she’s been watching while at home, “A lot of people have been watching lots and lots of TV in this time of quarantine. I have actually been going back and watching old films that I hadn’t seen before. I went and watched, I actually hadn’t seen Rear Window, and if you haven’t seen that film go check it out. It’s got Grace Kelly, it’s phenomenal, it’s Hitchcock. So, yeah, I think that we can actually take this opportunity to not only just watch really cool guilty pleasure shows that are current, but we can go back and kind of educate ourselves on films that were great in the past and still are.”

Also Taylor revealed, “I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, a lot of reading, a lot of watching films that I’ve never seen before, but mostly I’ve been online trying to figure out how to help others, and just constantly in awe of our first responders and our emergency workers and our healthcare professionals who are putting themselves in danger every single day that they go to work. So shout out to everyone who works in a medical profession, everybody who’s out there helping.”

Thanks to a TSwift fan account, @TSwiftNZ, you can listen to Taylor’s interview below.


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