Niall Horan made a difficult decision earlier this week and postponed his upcoming tour.




In a Instagram post, Niall writes, “Given the unprecedented circumstances, I have decided to not move forward with the ‘Nice To Meet Ya World Tour’ this year.  This was a difficult decision, but the well-being of my fans and touring family is always my top priority.   Not being able to tour for what is effectively most of 2020 just didn’t feel right and I’m so sorry to all you amazing people who bought tickets.  I look forward to being able to bring new music and a new tour for all of my fans around the world in 2021.  I want to announce new dates soon but I don’t think it’s fair on you guys to do so until the dust has settled and things have gone back to normal.  For now, all tickets purchased will be refunded.”


Niall continues, “I am going to focus on writing and recording more in order to be back touring next year with more music to play for you all.  As you all know touring and having the fortune to play in front of all of you beautiful people is the reason I love my job and my life.  I cannot wait to be back.  For the time being, please stay safe everyone.”




For now, I guess Instagram Live videos will have to do.



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