Shawn Mendes has a heart made of gold!

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, Shawn recently donated $175,000 to Toronto’s SickKids Hospital, for medical supplies and equipment to help those in need.



In a statement made by Ted Garrard, the CEO of the SickKids Foundation, he says, “We are so grateful to Shawn and The Shawn Mendes Foundation for their continued support of SickKids Foundation and our hospital here in Toronto.  This generous and timely donation will assist our hospital with increased efforts in prevention and screening of COVID-19.”


It doesn’t end there – in a message that was posted a few days ago on Shawn’s Instagram page, it states:


“The Shawn Foundation and I have been working to find ways to best support COVID-19 relief efforts, and to direct our resources to where we can make a difference. We’ve made a donation to SickKids hospital this week to help support the urgent screening and prevention of COVID-19 in my hometown of Toronto. For the next month, all donations to The Shawn Mendes Foundation will go towards SickKids Hospital and relief efforts around the world by the WHO.”


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In August of 2019, Shawn launched his charity through his socials.  As Billboard states, “SMF collaborated with SickKids on one of its first campaigns and ended up raising $1 million upon its Aug. 28 launch date.”




Shawn also posted an important message on his Instagram regarding COVID-19.  Watch below.


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