Off her brand new album, Before Love Came to Kill Us, Jessie Reyez returns with a personal and fiery new single which features Eminem titled, Coffin!


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Fav song off the album?

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The album features Figures, Love In the Dark and a collaboration with 6LACK.


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5 days. What unreleased song are u most excited for?

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Listen below.





Easily one of my favourite tracks from Jessie – and the best part, she gets super personal in Coffin – check out these lyrics below.


[Verse 1: Jessie Reyez]
We fought until the sun rose
And I still ain’t been to bed (Bed, bed)
And while you got your eyes closed
The devil wakes up in my head (Head, head)
He told me that you hate me and you blame me
And you said that you wish that you were dead
So I write a little note out
Suicidal love roulette


[Chorus: Jessie Reyez]
You make me wanna jump off the roof
‘Cause I love you to death, just like a fool
I’d rather a coffin, handmade for two
‘Cause I love you to death, just like a fool
Just like a fool
Just like a fool

[Verse 2: Jessie Reyez]
I walk up to the edge, yeah
And say a prayer before I let go (Let go, let go)
I’ll probably see you through the window
While I’m falling past the fifth floor (Fifth floor, fifth floor)
Then you get there just in time to save me and apologize
And maybe we can go back to bed
But you run past me instead
And hit the ground before I can


[Chorus: Jessie Reyez]

[Bridge: Jessie Reyez]
Maybe Buddha’s got it right
We reincarnate every time
And I’ll find you in another life
Maybe Buddha’s got it right
We reincarnate every time
And I’ll find you in another life


[Verse 3: Eminem]
I don’t really wanna fight (Nah)
I just wanna spend the night (Yeah)
But I don’t wanna spend the night
Actin’ out “Love the Way You Lie”
But the s**t just went awry
Hit me in the eye, bit me in the thigh, then begin to cry
I’m at the end of my wits, let’s end this, ma (It’s over)
Then begin again tomorrow
Fresh start, let you spoil me
Pledge your loyalty, treat me like a king

Just to f**k me over royally
Boy, are we water mixed with oil
See another shouting match, ’bout to have it out
But no matter how mad I get, I’m so mad about you
Forgot what I was even mad about
I know we’ve had our challenges still
I keep trying to salvage it, you
Wanna sabotage it, I’m down to the hill
But you think I’m f*****g around on you, chill
It never changes, I doubt if it will
Cheat on me, then say “How does it feel?”
I feel like blowing my f*****g head off
After I write you out of my will
B***h, how could you?
Almost had a child wit’ you
Woulda settled down wit’ you
Now I’ll put you in the ground and bury myself wit’ you
I don’t get you, it’s as if you’re drowning
I stick my hand out, but you fool me
You’re just trying to pull me down wit’ you (Down wit’ you)
Thought it was you my world revolve around
I should aim a revolver round at you
180 proof, guess I’m making my way to the roof
You’re a traitor, I say that we’re through
You hop in the elevator, then you
Say the coffin, they better make it for two
‘Cause if you jump, I’m jumpin’ with you
And neither one of us have nothing to lose but each other
We’re just a couple of fools

[Chorus: Jessie Reyez]



This marks Jessie and Eminem’s third collaboration – previously, the duo released ‘Nice Guy’ and ‘Good Guy.’




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