*NYSNC celebrates 20 years of No Strings Attached.


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The album was released on March 21, 2000 and it was the follow-up to the group’s debut album, released in 1997.  The album featured *NSYNC’s biggest tracks like Bye Bye Bye, It’s Gonna Be Me and This I Promise You.  Within its first week, the album sold 2.4 million records and altogether, has sold over 11 million copies worldwide, and it became Billboard’s ‘top album of the decade.’




*NSYNC member Lance Bass told Entertainment Tonight, “None of us knew that was going to be the album of our lifetime.  It’s been fun going down memory lane because [there are] so many stories we just forgot.  When you’re in the middle of it, you don’t know what’s going on — you’re just so busy doing what you’ve got to do that you don’t see what’s really happening.”



Andreas Carlsson, who’s named as one of the producers, revealed some facts about the album:


  • British boy band 5ive passed on Bye Bye Bye.
  • Bye Bye Bye was inspired by Destiny’s Child’s, Bills, Bills, Bills.
  • Andreas says he wrote Bye Bye Bye while learning how to drive.
  • The majority of the album was recorded in Florida.
  • Justin Timberlake was known as the ‘energizer bunny’ while in the studio.
  • The album’s title was inspired by Pinocchio.




To celebrate 20 years of NSA, there’s a limited edition merch collection, which features designs from the album.  Epic Rights explains,  “To celebrate this 20th anniversary, we worked in close collaboration with the band to ensure authenticity that reflects this incredible legacy.  Our focus was to bring out small details from the album that fans may have forgotten about, while also sharing a new point of view that pays homage to the early 2000’s.”


Below are a few items from the collection.







If you’re interested in ‘No Strings Attached’ merch items, click here.


Like the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block, will there be a reunion tour for JC, Justin, Lance, Chris and Joey? Back in January during an episode of Billboard’s Pop Shop Podcast, Joey explained, “It’s not a no, but it’s not a yes, because the thing is, we may come up with an idea that may not work for all of us.  If I did do something like this, I think it’s just something that definitely we will wanna do maybe more music, but also have fun, do you know what I mean? … There’s not a lot of pressure anymore.”


Check out the music videos that came from No Strings Attached below.


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