Talk about a BOP with a strong message behind it!

JoJo dropped a remix to her debut single from 2004, Leave (Get Out), and turned it into a catchy, Coronavirus-inspired bop!



Like most celebrities, JoJo is sending a message to her fans –  stay safe and STAY HOME!



Sing along with JoJo!


“I never though Corona could be such a nasty b***h / but now that she’s here boy all I want, is for you to use common sense.

Stay in! / Right now! / Do it for humanity! / I’m deadass!

About that, but we will survive / so you gon’ learn how, to cook now, and practice good hygiene.

I know you’re bored and want to f**k around, but not on me.

Tell me why you’re acting so confused / when the CDC laid it out for you.

Come on, I know you’re not dumb.

To go behind my back and hit the bar / shows how immature you really are.

Keep exposure to a minimum.”



Also, JoJo took part in the new Instagram campaign, #IStayHomeFor and revealed, “#istayhomefor my neighbors, health care workers, all of humanity. it goes without saying: this is not what anyone planned for or could have expected. our worlds have flipped upside down, but we can help by staying at home and sheltering in place. i want to hear from you guys: how are you doing? how’s your heart and mind? please remember. this is temporary and THIS TOO will pass. if you have a home, I urge you to take advantage of that privilege and stay in.”



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