SURPRISE!  Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together!


To reveal the exciting news, Katy releases a new record titled, Never Worn White, along with a music video.  Throughout the video, we see Katy rocking two different outfits – a white, airy gown and a dress made entirely out of flowers.




This will be Katy’s first child and Orlando’s second (he has a 9-year old son named Flynn, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr).


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T-shirt says it all

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Following the release of the music video, Katy had an Instagram Live, where she confirmed her pregnancy while snacking on dried mango.  Katy says, “I’m late! But you already knew that.  This is probably the longest secret I ever had to keep.  There’s a lot that will be happing this summer, not only will I be giving birth — literally — but also figuratively to something you guys have been waiting for.  We’re excited and happy.”

And if that’s not enough for ya – here’s another SURPRISE – Katy is currently working on her fifth album!



While chatting with Capital Breakfast, Katy shared details on how Orlando proposed, “I just remember meeting him at dinner at this place, this Italian restaurant, because when I get a pass, I just want to stuff my face with pasta.  So I get there and, I mean, he’s like clean-shaven. He’s not wearing tennis shoes. I’m like, ‘Ah s—, something is going down! We were ordering everything and I was like, ‘Who is this person?!’  I got on a helicopter and he asked me to marry him, and then we landed on this building and then went downstairs and my family and friends were there and the most flowers you’ve ever seen.“




Katy and Orlando’s relationship has been on and off since 2016 and they got engaged on Feb. 14, 2019!


And now that Katy has finally revealed to the world she’s pregnant, there are two things she’s super-happy about, she tweeted, “Omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore” and “Or carry around a big purse.”


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