And just like that, Taylor Swift has accomplished yet another massive music accomplishment – she’s been named as a ‘Top Global Music Seller of 2019.’




A report was issued by IFPI who, according to Variety, “Is the organization that speaks for the music industry around the world.”  As Variety also reports, “Universal Music Group’s dominance of the world market was reflected in eight of the year’s 10 bestselling artists, marking the first time one company ever had its artists take that many spots.”


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Frances Moore, who is the chief executive of IFPI, said in a statement, “Taylor Swift is the epitome of a truly global star.  She continues to grow as an artist and maintains an incredibly strong connection with her fan base, whilst continuing to evolve her sound with each album. It is a pleasure to be able to present her with the Global Recording Artist of the Year award for the second time.”


See the complete IFPI’s top 10 global recording artists list for 2019 below.


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