Justin Bieber kept his birthday celebrations going with a surprise visit to The Ellen Show.  Justin played Burning Questions, he also performed ‘Intentions’ with Quavo and JB tried to scare David Beckham.  AND THEN, guess who showed up? USER! He and Justin revealed some secrets in ‘Spill the Tea.’



See how Burning Questions turned out below.


ED: You just turned 26, what is the best gift you got for your birthday?

JB: “My wife did up my house really nicely, and she had a movie playing.  It was like this really romantic night, it’s not a big deal. I mean, it was pretty cool.  She basically got a serious wedding planner-type style thing and did it all in like, candles.”


ED: You recently had a moustache … will it return?

JB: “I hope so, eventually.  But right now, I’m going to keep it clean because my wife, she’s not really liking it.”


ED: What body part are you most proud of?

JB: “I’m most proud of – I’d say I’ve got a nice butt.  I got a good butt.  I played hockey my whole life so, it’s called a hockey butt, you know what I mean? I got a nice little hockey butt.  Don’t look, okay? It’s my wife’s, OK? Don’t look.  Just take it from me.”



ED: Hailey Bieber smells like?

JB: “She smells like Ariana Grande’s perfume.  She smells good, it’s a good smell.  It’s flower, and fruity.”


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i kno das right

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ED: I annoy Hailey when I … ?

JB: “Constantly singing around the house.  She likes it … but then there’s a point where I think, I feel like she loves me regardless of anything I do.”


ED: What is Hailey’s pet name for you?

JB: “Well, she calls me a bunch of weird things.  She calls me Goo Goo, which is kind of weird, but I like it.”


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My and my goo goo

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ED: Three things that you must do everyday?

JB: “I must play instruments, and dance, and make music.”


ED: Say something sexy in a Canadian accent.

JB: “You’re going to go out there and go for a rope with the boys, there bud.”


ED: How many kids do you want to have?

JB: “I think it’s up to Hailey because it’s her body.”





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