Attention, Monsters! Lady Gaga is dropping a new single THIS Friday and it’s called ‘Stupid Love.’




Stupid Love will be the lead single off Gaga’s upcoming album, which the title / release date have yet to be revealed. Rolling stone however, has a theory, “One theory is that the album will be called Chromatica, as the word can be found on the single art. It doesn’t hurt that the word “chromatic” has both aural and visual definitions that are very Gaga-esque: “[Music] relating to or using notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key in which a passage is written” and “relating to or produced by colour.””




Here’s how Rolling Stone came to that conclusion – back in December, Gaga along with her makeup artist and co-creator of Haus Laboratories, released a makeup tutorial video.  In that tutorial, Gaga reveals, “Haus Laboratories is a very colourful place and so is my music.  There will be colour, it’ll just come out in ways you might not expect.”  Gaga continues, “I looked in the mirror and I was like, ‘I don’t like what I see and I don’t feel good on the inside, so I’m just gonna start painting now. I’m gonna make something that I like.’”




Stupid Love will be Gaga’s first record since the soundtrack for A Star Is Born (2018) and LG6 will be the followup to Joanne (2016).


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