Tomorrow is the day that we’re getting a new Taylor Swift music video! It’s for her latest single, The Man but, fans have already created a theory, and this is all based on Taylor’s teaser photo.



You and I both know Taylor has had ongoing drama with Kanye West (and as of recently, his wife, Kim), ever since he interrupted her win at the 2009 VMAs.  Well, the fans are now assuming there’s a Kanye connection in all of this.


Taylor tweeted, “There are 19 hands in the hallway … but only 2 days until The Man Music Video.”  Where’s this connection, you ask?



If you take a look at Kanye and Kim’s family home, you’d notice the bright, bare tones and of course, the hallways – their home might actually be the inspiration for TSwift’s new video.



As Refinery points out, “‘The Man’ is all about the double standards that likely exacerbated those struggles. It would make a lot of sense, but it would also stir the pot. Now that Kim Kardashian is almost a lawyer, it’s even less advisable to get on her bad side.”



Watch the The Man, lyrics video below.


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