Taylor Swift has given the Swifties another reason to love and/or fall in love with Paris! Less than a week ago, Taylor revealed she was going to release the full record AND a video of her performing, ‘The Man,’ live in the city of love.




In addition to The Man, Taylor also performed Death By A Thousand Cuts, Cornelia Street, You Need to Calm Down, The Archer and Lover.


Fans got to see the recording process of ‘The Man’ in the Netflix documentary, Miss Americana.

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Lana Wilson, who directed the documentary, told Rolling Stone, “We actually did the first interview as an audio-only interview, which I think made a big difference.  So, it was just her and me alone in a room.  It was amazing to me that she has managed to hold on to her humanity and sense of humour in the face of all that.  No one ever filmed with her in the studio before.  I think you could see in the movie, it’s like her happy place and she’s so in the zone.  It’s amazing to watch her work.”


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