Niall Horan revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album, Heartbreak Weather, in the most original way possible – Niall channels Ron Burgundy, a character played by Will Ferrell in Anchorman.  Niall plays the role of a super cute meteorologist, rocking a pink turtleneck and a burgundy suit.



Throughout the video, Niall uses song titles to deliver the weather – check out some of these fire updates:


“Remember, these falling blocks of ice just don’t ‘Bend the Rules,’ they break your windshield, too.”

“To all the beautiful people of the Emerald Isle, keep that fridge shut, and the ‘Small Talk’ to a minimum, because a frigid, frigid cold front is pushing through the motherland as we speak.”

“It’s nature’s favourite laser show.  ‘Nice to Meet Ya,’ lightnin’!”

‘Put A Little Love On Me,’ sun, but not too much, because there’s a heat wave movin’ through Tokyo faster than their bullet trains.”

“And if you’re in Boston and just woke up in the ‘Arms of a Stranger,’ you better make yourself comfortable, because there’s snow everywhere.”





Here is the tracklist for Heartbreak Weather.


1. Heartbreak Weather

2. Black and White

3. Dear Patience

4. Bend The Rules

5. Small Talk

6. Nice To Meet Ya

7. Put A Little Love On Me

8. Arms of a Stranger

9. Everywhere

10. Cross Your Mind

11. New Angel

12. No Judgement

13. San Francisco

14. Still


Heartbreak Weather drops on March 13th!


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