Another amazing performance coming from inside the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge! This time, Lizzo takes on Harry Styles’ Adore You, complete with an amazing flute solo AND, she even switched up some of the lyrics, “Oh Harry, I walk the fire for you, just let me adore you.”




Seconds before performing, Lizzo shares, “I’ve been listening to the entire album.  Like ‘Fine Line’ is my jam.  I listen to it in the morning, on the plane, and so I already single the song, so now I get to do it with a live band my way.”  During Lizzo’s interview with BBC, she was asked, “Who is your favourite British import?” Lizzo replied, “My favourite British import would be Harry Styles.”  Check out some of her interview below.




Lizzo also performed Good As Hell.




This comes after Harry’s performance of Lizzo’s ‘Juice,’ which happened back in December.  Watch below.




Since we’re on the topic of Harry, check out his performance of ‘Fine Line’ live at the Forum.



Can these two just collaborate already!

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