Kane Brown and John Legend have teamed and are working on a new collaboration – and it’s a love ballad.


Kane originally released a clip while working in the studio on Twitter.  His caption reads, “I got to work with John Legend and it was awesome! Here’s the song we got.”  John then retweeted the video and writes in the caption, “Just wrote and recorded this one with new country superstar Kane Brown Wednesday.  We love it! Will put out the full version asap.”  Watch below.




And based on what we can hear, Kane and John sing, “I won’t say I’m sorry over and over / Can’t just say I’m sorry, I’ve got to show you / I won’t do it again / I’ll prove my love is true / I hope the last time I said sorry is the last time I’ll say sorry to you.”  In his Instagram post, Kane says ‘he got the okay to post a little more from John Legend.’  Enjoy the snippet!



A title and release date have not yet been announced.

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