Will this ‘feud’ EVER end?

Taylor Swift was interviewed in part of Selena Gomez’s cover story for WSJ Magazine and proved once again, they’re true BFFs!  One thing is for sure – Taylor is NOT here for anyone who crosses Selena! Taylor shares, “There has always been this quality of sisterhood, and I don’t say that in a basic way.  I knew from when I met her I would always have her back.  In my life, I have the ability to forgive people who have hurt me, but I don’t know if I can forgive someone her hurts her.”  It’s no secret that Taylor’s answer was about Justin Bieber – who dated Selena, on-again-off-again for a few years.



In response, Selena says, “We clicked instantly and, man, that was my girl.  We both went through s**t at the same time.  She taught me a lot about how I should be treated at a young age.  There’s so much of my friendship with Taylor that people don’t know about because we don’t necessarily feel the need the post about everything we do.” 


Selena continues, “She has showed up for me in ways that I would never have expected.  Flown in because I was hurt and was going through something.  Stuff that was going on with my family.  It’s been proven year after year and in every moment of my life that she is one of my best friends in the world.  We don’t agree on everything, but we respect each other with everything.”



Taylor even showed her support on Instagram following the release of Selena’s new album, Rare.  The caption reads, “Make sure to buy/stream/support this work of art and the beautiful soul who created it.”


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