Thanks to Eve and the hilarious answer she gave on ‘Family Feud Canada,’ this one is going to be hard to forget (and it was also the best way to kick off 2020).  When asked, “What’s Popeye’s favourite food?” Eve confidently answered, “CHICKEN!” When she realized she got the answer completely wrong, Eve shared, “I though you meant Popeye’s chicken!”




And that wasn’t even the best answer Eve provided – when asked ‘name something in your house that creaks,’ although the top answer was ‘floor,’ Eve guessed ‘rocking chair.’  The following question, ‘name something you might see in the sky on a clear night, Eve answered, ‘a helicopter.’




Watch the bloopers below.




Following the show airing, Eve’s mom said in an interview, “It’s all going to her head right now.  She’s been saying, ‘At least I’m pretty.'”

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