Looks like Khalid is celebrating a new year with a new song! He shared the news on Twitter this past weekend writing, “New song this week.”




In a series of other tweets regarding this new song, singer Alec Benjamin showed his support tweeting Khalid, “It’s gunna be amazing,” to which Khalid replied, “So is your new music bro.”



Khalid then tweeted this cryptic tweet, using only the number ’11.’



And lastly, “You’ll get it soon lol.”



This new record will be the follow-up to Khalid’s most recent releases.  In October, Khalid teamed up with Major Lazer and released ‘Trigger.’  And then in November, Khalid released ‘Up All Night,’ “It’s really special to me and I’m so excited that I am able to share it with my fans so quickly,”  Khalid shared.  Listen to both below.





And check out Khalid’s accomplishments from this past decade below.


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Released my first song September 2015. Angel Number 33

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