In a new interview with actor Joe Alwyn, he says he has ‘no problem’ being the inspiration behind Taylor Swift’s music.




When asked if Taylor writing songs about him and their relationship bothers him, Joe says, “No, not at all. No. It’s flattering.”  In terms of media attention, Joe explains, “I don’t pay attention to what I don’t want to pay attention to.  I turn everything else down on a dial. I don’t have any interest in tabloids. I know what I want to do, and that’s this, and that’s what I am doing.”




Back in August and while talking to The Guardian, Taylor revealed ‘not talking publicly about Alwyn helps her maintain boundaries between her personal and professional life,’I’ve learned that if I do, people think it’s up for discussion, and our relationship isn’t up for discussion.  If you and I were having a glass of wine right now, we’d be talking about it – but it’s just that it goes out into the world.  That’s where the boundary is, and that’s where my life has become manageable. I really want to keep it feeling manageable.”



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