During her Pandora Live concert inside Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner earlier in the week, Halsey paid tribute to her friend, Juice WRLD, who passed away exactly a week ago, today.  Juice WRLD (Jarad Higgens), was featured on the ‘Without Me’ remix, which reached No.1 on the Billboard charts.  Before performing, Halsey told the crowd, “The remix of this song is the better version of this song, and I think everybody knows that deep down inside.  Life is short, we should appreciate every single moment that we have together.” 





Halsey also paid tribute on Instagram, sharing an older photo of them together.  In the caption, Halsey writes, Sweet boy.  The fastest brain in the game.  Your creativity, endless.  Immortal.  Rest in power.  I can’t even explain the sadness.”




Juice, who was only 21, passed away on Sunday December 8 at a local hospital after he suffered from a seizure inside Chicago’s Midway Airport.  Listen to the ‘Without Me’ remix below.




RIP Juice WRLD, gone but never forgotten!


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